mwplay888 is pleased to be able to offer you such a vast range of table gaming options

Whatever your taste in table games, we’ll have something to suit you. Play one of the unique games we offer here at mwplay888: Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette. Our casino games are available to play either directly on your browser or simply download our app and take it to go.

mwplay888 has a wide range of card table games

We maintain a suite of games from the best developers in the game, with a focus on table games, card games and video poker. We are constantly evolving and adding new games to our repertoire, so check back often!

The most popular games in mwplay888

  • Rummy  

Rummy card game is a game, where players compete to get all their cards out of the game within a given number of plays. A valid sequence can be formed by putting down as many cards as possible after discarding, so that they continue in order and are not interrupted by an additional card or any other valid set on the table.

  • Dragon & Tiger

The simplest of all card games is Dragon Tiger, a game known for its quick pace and easy-to-learn rules. Whether you’re playing online or live, the basic goal is to get the highest value while choosing dragon cards and tiger cards.

  • Fish, Prawn, Crab

Fish, Prawn, Crab is a simple game with easily learned rules, great fun and endless entertainment. The object of the game is to collect points by rolling 3 of Hoo Hey How (fish, prawn and crab) or any combination with Stag, Gourd or Rooster. To begin play, deal the dice to the flattest part of the board. Players place their wagers on corresponding symbols of the sides of the dice found on the board. When all bets have been placed, roll them on the layout – or cover them with a bowl and shake repeatedly before placing back on layout.

  • Belangkai

Belangkai is a fun and popular dice game, which has been around for a long time. It is played with four players. The great part of this game is that you do not use a normal die but instead use a special Belangkai die that’s made up of eleven symbols: three numbers and eight pictures. This greatly increases the chance to win compared to using a regular die.

  • Fan Tan

The fan tan game is a popular entertainment game that is played in casinos. The dealer separates the number of beads indicated by the player into four separate piles. These beads are then placed on each corner of the table, and players try to collect groups of four beads from their respective corners from a central pile to win!

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Looking for casino excitement? mwplay888 table games have arrived at the top destination for you. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with the selection; our comprehensive portfolio covers a wide range of variants, backed by acclaimed operators who are renowned for their high quality service and excellent selection of games. With our quality players and games providers including JILI, AE Gaming and King Maker, we make it our mission to keep your gaming experience at its peak.

mwplay888 has the full range of popular casino table games from around the world

mwplay888 table games are available 24/7, meaning you can sit at the virtual poker tables, or bet on the roulette wheel for as long as you like. Our wide range of games is constantly growing and being updated, so that we can provide our players with top-notch entertainment around the clock, we know that you’ll love playing at mwplay888.


Q. What table games does mwplay888 offer?

mwplay888 has a collection of interesting card table games from all over the world, whether it’s the popular poker game or the rare dice game, you can find it here.

Q. Can I play mwplay888’s card games for free?

Yes, our table games have a free mode, you can use the free mode to get familiar with the rules, but in the free mode you can’t redeem your winnings.

Q. What if I don’t know how to play?

All mwplay888 table games have detailed rules that can be viewed by clicking into the game and learning the rules from the settings in the lower left corner.